Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Homemade Ice Cream Benefits for Health

Healthy Homemade Ice Cream for you!

Ice cream is a subject of controversy, despite being one of the greatest inventions in the history of mankind. It's known to control them mind of children and some adults even. One of the most tastiest dessert and it gets even better after a long day's work or in the summer. When the heat gets hot, the need for ice cream rises exponentially. Ice cream is dangerous for your health due to a number of reasons, mainly being it's extremely easy to binge eat on it and become overweight in a couple of months. Ice cream addiction is indeed real and dangerous so you need to cut out the commercial store bought expensive ice cream and get some of your own home made ice cream.

So how can you avoid eating on ice cream that's so delicious? Eat in moderation? That just makes it worse! Eating a lot of ice cream over a long period of time is quite harmful to your body. There are many types of preservatives and other chemicals used that can harm you over the long run and your addiction for this ice cream will keep on rising. The solution is getting your own homemade ice cream. But how will you get your homemade ice cream? Well for that reason we need to get an ice cream maker. What an ice cream maker can do is get your cravings under control. Home made ice cream is much healthier as you have control over all the ingredients and you can make some great and tasty recipes. So pick out the best ice cream maker for you here.

With an ice cream maker your safety is guarantee'd. Basically you have an infinite supply of ice cream and you can make it any time at your own pace. Make some ice cream for your kids to handle and easily host parties by serving your guests and friends ice cream and surprise anyone with some of the best and most unique recipes you can find. There are a great deal of recipes to choose from but to stay healthy avoid fat creams and heavy ice cream and go for stuff like green tea ice cream or lite ice cream. You could even opt for a yoghurt maker but it's not just the same. So if you're an ice cream maniac like a lot of us, then this is your only cure. Buy an ice cream maker and save yourself!

Monday, May 26, 2014

How to Leave Smoking

Leave Smoking Now!

It is said that smoking is equivalent to taking in poison but yet people smoke even know they have full knowledge on this matter. Read my previous post here. This habit is a dangerous one to you and your loved ones and yet it's difficult to get out of. It's always an excuse, it's always another "last day" of smoking- but it never is. The days keep passing by as you promise each and everyone that today is your last but you still continue. Months pass by, and you're completely hooked on the poison that flows through your veins. What you need to do is TAKE ACTION NOW! 

Tips on how to Leave Smoking for good.

As long as you smoke you heighten the chances of cancer and other complicated diseases every day. For those who want to Leave smoking -

  • Leave Smoking Today. Right now, this instant. No last days, no false promises, just get rid of everything and leave smoking right now. Just remember that it's just a cigarette and you can live without it.
  • Ask for everyone's help. For you to leave smoking, it's a difficult task to tackle alone and if you consult friends and family they will happily help you out and make you feel better. Let your smoker buddies know that you have left smoking and that no one should offer you a cigarette from now on.
  • Stay alert, do not get lazy and stay active. There's an increased chance to go back into smoking when you get bored and thus you should keep yourself occupied and active if you want to leave smoking for good.
  • The first few days are the most difficult as agreed upon by most, it'll make your body feel weak and make you feel powerless and with little willpower. It's due to withdrawal symptoms and thus it's your most difficult opponent, fight it and you will leave smoking for good.
  • Avoid stress and tension. It's extremely likely for you to get a smoke when you're under pressure so make sure you avoid these and can continue your life without smoking.
  • Start practicing Yoga, Deep meditation exercises, and other stress and tension relieving exercises and these will help you feel so much better that you wish you never smoked in the first place. A breath of fresh air - literally. Read more about Deep Meditation, Yoga and other stress releasing activity here.

Leave smoking now.. Remember with each passing day it deteriorates your health, harms your family and friends who do not smoke and will shorten your lifespan.

Thursday, May 22, 2014

Staying Healthy with simple guidelines

Follow some Simple Guidelines to stay Healthy and Fit.

Hi guys, I'm going to share with you how you can make some simple changes in your lifestyle to stay more healthy and fit.


Generally, if you live a life in which you are in control, you should be aiming to stay healthy and fit. But this gets neglected as work piles on, and it gets increasingly difficult to balance or as to adjust one's lifestyle. So in order to stay healthy and fit follow some simple guidelines that you should develop throughout and keep at it as a habit. Once you develop it as a habit, you'll always do it without realizing and thus you'll stay healthy and fit. There are many great habits to choose from, Some include, walking short distances, doing small tasks and using the stairs instead of the elevator.

You could even help out anyone who's in need or just perform chores like cleaning the house or washing the dishes. This way you'll stay clean and develop great habits.


Some general guidelines to stay healthy and fit also includes your DIET. This is one of the biggest factors as to why some of us are just not healthy. Unhealthy food and calorific diets have been integrated in our lifestyles in such a manner that we cannot simply go by without them. But as the good old saying goes, 

"When there's will
There's a way"

There'll be a lot of people who'll tell you that eating food high in oils and fat is not a good idea. It really is not a good idea. Cardiovascular diseases are one of the leading cause of deaths, so to avoid that and to ensure you'll live long it's a good idea to take control of your diet. So how can I plan out my Diet without having to spend too much time? Fruits and Vegetables! They are always definately the answer to almost anything. You can buy them off anywhere like a fast food, and then snack on them as you go. It's much healthy and you wont feel the need to go get fried chicken or foot longs anytime. It's not like you should completely restrict the intake of fast and junk food, but to reduce them to a minimum - Treat it like a Delicacy!

There are a lot guidelines you can follow in order to stay healthy and fit but for now, lets change our lifestyle slowly. A significant and fast change can harm your body so go slowly! -but not too slow!

Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Central Nervous System and other damage due to smoking

Central Nervous System, Addiction to other drugs and even Alcohol addiction and ofcourse cancer is what smoking brings to the table. Quitting smoking is essential but how to do it?

One of the most harmful things things in the world is smoking. Many people are smokers in this world, they dont know what kind of harm they are doing to themselves, the ones that know are too afraid to give up on smoking, they are either addicted by the chemical nicotine inside cigarettes, or they do not care about themselves and others. The Central Nervous System, CNS for short is damaged greatly due to smoking as nicotine blocks your neurons ( nerve endings ) and many other adverse things. Smokers usually cannot run long, live a healthy life and have heightened risk of cancers just due to one bad habit. Heal your central nervous system and yourself before it's to late to recover.

Smoking has many adverse effects on the human body

First of all it affects the human nervous system, dulls the brain and slows reflexes. It does irreversible damage to the lungs which can cause death. You will be shocked if you see the difference between the lung of a non-smoker and one of a smoker.Cancer is also caused by smoking. Tar, a chemical in cigarettes is a sticky substance which attaches itself onto the lung tissues, there it multiplies when the lung tissue divides and thus the smoker suffers from a damaged lung tissue which is mutated.Emphysema another disease in the lung is caused by smoking, in emphysema the smokers cough damages the alveoli in the lungs, (Air sacs) which makes them blow up and recombine that reduces the total amount of volume in the lungs. Somewhat similar to hydrogen cyanide - Kills a person by coalescing the alveoli in the lungs.It also deposits fats in the lumen of the arteries which supply blood to the heart, the artery is narrow and so if too much fat accumulates the person might suffer from cardiac arrest/heart attack which could kill him.Smoking pollutes the air as it spews out carbon-di-oxide known to be a green house gas. It also affects the people around the smokers more effectively than the smokers as they do not have a resistance developed towards smoking - A term known as passive smoking. It is one of the most unfair aspects of smoking as people who do not smoke are suffering aswell.

Smoking - Leading to alcohol addiction

Smokers usually tend to go for other drugs and alcohol despite not being a drug, can be abused heavily. Alcohol addiction is one of the leading causes of deaths, due to increased accidents and intoxication. Alcohol addiction should be controlled, and reducing smokers usually tend to decrease the number of alcohol addiction affected people. This too can also damage the Central nervous system greatly.

Smoking causes many other effects aswell

1) It's the #1 Cause for wrinkles in the face and dullness or paleness of the skin. This is so as smoking constricts the blood flow of the arteries in the skin

2)Athletic performance is greatly reduced. Smokers have difficulty running and doing other physical activities as they are short of breath.

3)The most important fact of them all.. Smoking reduces your lifespan, I'm sure you've heard that experts say that 1 cigarette would cost you 7 minutes of your life.

Addicted to smoking - People who are addicted to smoking has to try very hard in order to give it up, if not possible in one day try reducing the amount of cigarettes per day slowly and eventually you'll give up.

Non-smokers enjoy a life where they can run without gasping for air frequently, Play games that requires all sorts of running and activities.. and most importantly no dullness and tiredness.

Smoking does not make you "Cool" all it does is help you die faster. Quit smoking for the betterment of yourself and others.

Quitting Smoking

Due to all these effects, the only logical thing to do is to drop the cigarette and move on, but quitting smoking is one of the hardest things to do. It's the same as any other kind of drug addiction ( which may lead to more ) but the fear of cancer and other side effects should be enough for someone to be quitting smoking. If it is not, then just think about everyone else who you might cause indirect smoking due to you. Your child, wife, parents, friends who do not smoke may be exposed to it and it is so much more harmful. Therefore quitting smoking is an important thing to do.

Monday, May 12, 2014

Thai Cuisine's exotic dishes

Top 5 Thai Cuisine Dishes

Thai Cuisine is regarded as one of the most exotic food available, that really requires no introduction. Thailand's amazing cuisine features light, healthy and well presented dishes that is served across the world. Some are world famous while others are available in the native regions only due to their unique ingredients. What makes Thai cuisine one of the healthiest? It's diverse use of ingredients such as turmeric, galangal ( similar to ginger ), lemongrass, coriander and many other healthy spices that makes the food seem just simply great. Thai food features spicy, sweet, hot, sour and a splash of many other flavors that makes it seem so unique and delicious. Preparing Thai dishes are challenging and requires talented chefs. The colors of the food are also so vibrant, and it's aroma feels so fresh that it draws in everyone's attention. The best dish offered in Thai food are as follows

Tom Yam Goong 

Mmmmm, Thai's finest.

This dish is essentially the best dish that defines Thailand's cuisine. This dish, if you've not had it yet, must try it out immediately. This is a soup that is light, and clear, seasoned with some spices and also includes a mix of lime, chilies, fish sauce and other ingredients. Lemon grass, galangal and shallot is used to simmer the broth in, that makes it aromatic, light and gives it a unique taste. Prawn is what's used in this dish as the main attraction. This dish is the most popular and regarded as the best dish due to its amazing and unique taste. Sometimes chicken or ox tail can be used instead of the shrimp aswell, and can be ordered the way you prefer it. However the most famous is the one with the shrimp and hence it's called Tom Yum Goong.

Pad Thai and Khao Pad

Pad Thai is known as Thai style fried rice noodle. This dish is unique in it's own way as it's only created using the freshest ingredients and noodles which are created delicately that is soft but elastic. The noodles are traditionally created by hand and so the process is long and requires talented chefs. It's then cooked gently with Thai spices and herbs, and is served with lemon, lemongrass and a unique sauce that is sort of grainy but rich in texture. The classic pad Thai is also served with eggs, shrimp, tofu and garnished with peanuts and coriander. Khao pad is a similar dish, but instead of noodles, fried rice is used. Those who prefer rice can opt for the Khao pad instead. The blending of the flavors in this dish makes it distinct from any other fried rice. Fish sauce, lemons and sugar are the key ingredients used in this dish. 

Tom Kha Gai (Chicken in Coconut Milk Soup) and Gaeng Keaw Wan Gai (Green Chicken Curry)

Green Chicken Curry

In Tom Kha, Gai, a variety of herbs and spices are used in addition to olive oil and coconut milk creates the broth. The soup itself is one of the best and refreshing soups of all time. It's also seasoned with lime, chili and fish sauces. As coconut milk is added the soup is not as light as the other ones used in the Thai cuisine, and it has some density which makes it different from the rest. It's also served with chicken and mushroom. It's a sweet and sour soup depending on the ingredients and is not very spicy so it's great for non spice soup lovers. Green Chicken Curry ( Gaeng Keaw Wan Gai ) is a curry from Thailand and has a noticeable green color and a slimy and sloppy texture. It's a sweet curry with a kick of spice, so it's a great and unique curry that is not just spicy. The Green Chicken Curry is loved by many, and has captured my heart aswell. Green Chilies, fresh herbs and lemon and great spices makes the basis of the Green Chicken Curry. It's one of the if not best dish in Thai cuisine. 

Please if you're looking to go for some Thai, I've mentioned the best dish that everyone loves, do not hesitate to get the Green Chicken Curry, Tom Yam Goong, and the other dishes, that will leave you demanding more - I warned you! Good recipe for Thai's Green Chicken - Green Chicken Curry Paste 

Sunday, May 11, 2014

Almond milk - Skin complexion improvement with home remedies

Skin complexion improvement -

Clear clogged pores, rejuvenate your dry or oily skin using simple home remedies such as almond milk, honey, lemon, turmeric.

Nowadays when someone wants to deal with their skin they usually have to run to the dermatologist and this is a very expensive option. Usually Dermatologists will go for laser treatment or dermabrasation and prescribe expensive medicine. Instead of using products that may cost a fortune and in turn damage your skin, why not use tried and tested home products that have worked miracles for many people around the world. These items are commonly used in our household, but for their main uses only. What most people do not realize is that these products can also be used and mixed together to create natural remedies to improve one's skin complexion, revive the skin and fix clogged pores. Let's take a look at the 5 best home remedies to improve your skin's complexion, that includes honey, lemon, almond milk, turmeric and other readily available items!

Honey and Lemon Juice

It's very common to have lemons in the house and if you do not have honey buy some natural honey, not artificial ones which are stripped off their nutrients and then this remedy will not work. After you've gotten them, it's time to know what each one of them do. Honey has many great functions and it is a known natural cleanser which will exfoliate the skin that'll bring out your glowing complexion. It's also a moisturizer for the skin as well as anti inflammatory properties.  Lemon on the other hand is a natural acid which removes oily skin, heals acne and remove blackheads, Lemon also lightens dark spots and blemishes. It's a great idea to mix these two together which will not only give you a better skin complexion but also remove any skin problems such as acne, blackheads, scars. Mix these two in an equal amount and keep on the face and then wash off  after 5 to 10 minutes. This can clear up your clogged pores as well.


Turmeric has a great deal of usage in south east Asia mainly for cooking, but it's also an amazing beauty product which has been used for centuries. It comes with so many benefits that it's not possible to list them all. Turmeric is highly antiseptic and has a great deal of anti bacterial properties which helps fight acne and other skin diseases that may be present. It not only clears your skin but also stops excessive sebum (oil) production of the skin thus help fight oily skin as well. Turmeric can be used to create a facial mask for dry skin as it's regulation of sebum can also increase oil production for normal skin. Unblock all those clogged pores for perfect healthy looking skin. It's also great due to the fact it can fight against aging and make your skin look new and refreshed, it does this by being an exfoliating agent.

Egg and Almond Milk  - Mask

Almond milk has anti aging qualities the same as turmeric, being an exfoliating agent. You can nourish your skin with Almond milk along with many other amazing properties. Egg whites can help reduce the large pores on your skin and it will remove dead skin cells in order to make your skin look more fresh and firm. Almond also removes dead skin cells from the top layer of the skin thus making it an amazing product to improve your skin complexion. Mixing these two together and using them as a face mask is a great option.  Almond milk can also be used along with turmeric to make a hardened skin mask that can be used to clear out the skin, completely revitalizing it. Almond milk can also be used along with honey to make it a cleanser of the skin clearing out clogged pores and also makes the skin more fairer and improves the complexion.

Thanks for reading! If you want a good recommendation, Honey and Aloe Vera Moisturizer

This product is what I use for moisturizing my skin when I can, it's the best and I recommend everyone to try it out atleast once! It's completely worth the price, the honey and aloe vera makes it one of the best skincare products.

Saturday, May 10, 2014

Stress Relief through 5 Simple Methods

Stress Relief through Deep Breathing and by controlling your heartbeat

It's only natural to be more productive in work if you're not under stress. Through stress relief you can guarantee your work being much more productive, and thus by performing these relaxation techniques you can be working with a happy mood. There are many ways in which a person can relax but there are tested and tried techniques that can relieve your stress in a matter of moments, it requires a little practice but you can get to it soon.  These techniques include - Deep breathing, Muscle relaxation, Mindfulness, Yoga and Visualization.

Deep breathing and Yoga for Reducing Heartbeat

It may seem simple, because it is! This is exactly what it says, focusing on full, clear breaths which is a very powerful relaxation technique. It's the easiest of all the relaxation techniques and can be performed almost anywhere. The way  to breathing deeply is to first inhale as much as air as possible. The reason doing this is to take in as much as oxygen as possible. Oxygen can make you less tense and anxious. To perform deep breathing properly follow these steps carefully. Firstly sit straight up and make sure you are comfortable then put one hand on the chest and another on the stomach. Breathe in slowly through your nose and then exhale using your mouth. Control your heartbeat. Yoga combines deep breathing and adds in poses in which improves strength, balance, flexibility and stamina. Performing Yoga in groups is recommended as it is very easy to injure oneself while performing it alone. These techniques help control your heartbeat. This Yoga Set is my recommended, The kit is simply amazing and easy, simple to use.

Muscle relaxation for Stress Relief

This is a great technique in which you have to relax and tense targeted muscles in the body. Practicing Muscle relaxation regularly can help you feel which parts of your body has gone under tension and how to relax them. Being aware of this helps you identify the muscular tension caused due to stress and then counteract it to relieve the stress and reduce heartbeat. Combining this technique with others can help achieve additional relaxation. To perform muscle relaxation you need to loosen yourself and get comfortable. Breathe in and out to stabilize yourself and then when you're ready to go, immediately change your attention to a specific part of your body for example your left foot. Notice how it feels and then tense the muscles in your foot for a period of ten seconds. As you let go of the tension notice how relaxing it feels. Go through all the muscles of your body like this to achieve relaxation.

Mindfulness and Visualization for Stress Relief

Being mindful about your environment is more of a spiritual way of relaxation but it's still proven to help. It's about being calm and thinking of the present situation instead of thinking about the negatives. In this way you can have a clear mind about how to tackle your problems and reduce stress as well. Practicing mindfulness requires a quiet area where you can think slowly. Visualization is somewhat similar to mindfulness but here you think about anything that can calm you down, this is what makes your imagination come into play. It's usually hard to imagine things when a person is under stress so it's best to do it step by step, imagining the smaller finer details and then going onto the bigger idea. Visualization can be even used along with calming music and so can mindfulness. It's very easy to zone out so keep a track of time while you perform these techniques.