Saturday, May 10, 2014

Stress Relief through 5 Simple Methods

Stress Relief through Deep Breathing and by controlling your heartbeat

It's only natural to be more productive in work if you're not under stress. Through stress relief you can guarantee your work being much more productive, and thus by performing these relaxation techniques you can be working with a happy mood. There are many ways in which a person can relax but there are tested and tried techniques that can relieve your stress in a matter of moments, it requires a little practice but you can get to it soon.  These techniques include - Deep breathing, Muscle relaxation, Mindfulness, Yoga and Visualization.

Deep breathing and Yoga for Reducing Heartbeat

It may seem simple, because it is! This is exactly what it says, focusing on full, clear breaths which is a very powerful relaxation technique. It's the easiest of all the relaxation techniques and can be performed almost anywhere. The way  to breathing deeply is to first inhale as much as air as possible. The reason doing this is to take in as much as oxygen as possible. Oxygen can make you less tense and anxious. To perform deep breathing properly follow these steps carefully. Firstly sit straight up and make sure you are comfortable then put one hand on the chest and another on the stomach. Breathe in slowly through your nose and then exhale using your mouth. Control your heartbeat. Yoga combines deep breathing and adds in poses in which improves strength, balance, flexibility and stamina. Performing Yoga in groups is recommended as it is very easy to injure oneself while performing it alone. These techniques help control your heartbeat. This Yoga Set is my recommended, The kit is simply amazing and easy, simple to use.

Muscle relaxation for Stress Relief

This is a great technique in which you have to relax and tense targeted muscles in the body. Practicing Muscle relaxation regularly can help you feel which parts of your body has gone under tension and how to relax them. Being aware of this helps you identify the muscular tension caused due to stress and then counteract it to relieve the stress and reduce heartbeat. Combining this technique with others can help achieve additional relaxation. To perform muscle relaxation you need to loosen yourself and get comfortable. Breathe in and out to stabilize yourself and then when you're ready to go, immediately change your attention to a specific part of your body for example your left foot. Notice how it feels and then tense the muscles in your foot for a period of ten seconds. As you let go of the tension notice how relaxing it feels. Go through all the muscles of your body like this to achieve relaxation.

Mindfulness and Visualization for Stress Relief

Being mindful about your environment is more of a spiritual way of relaxation but it's still proven to help. It's about being calm and thinking of the present situation instead of thinking about the negatives. In this way you can have a clear mind about how to tackle your problems and reduce stress as well. Practicing mindfulness requires a quiet area where you can think slowly. Visualization is somewhat similar to mindfulness but here you think about anything that can calm you down, this is what makes your imagination come into play. It's usually hard to imagine things when a person is under stress so it's best to do it step by step, imagining the smaller finer details and then going onto the bigger idea. Visualization can be even used along with calming music and so can mindfulness. It's very easy to zone out so keep a track of time while you perform these techniques.

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