Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Central Nervous System and other damage due to smoking

Central Nervous System, Addiction to other drugs and even Alcohol addiction and ofcourse cancer is what smoking brings to the table. Quitting smoking is essential but how to do it?

One of the most harmful things things in the world is smoking. Many people are smokers in this world, they dont know what kind of harm they are doing to themselves, the ones that know are too afraid to give up on smoking, they are either addicted by the chemical nicotine inside cigarettes, or they do not care about themselves and others. The Central Nervous System, CNS for short is damaged greatly due to smoking as nicotine blocks your neurons ( nerve endings ) and many other adverse things. Smokers usually cannot run long, live a healthy life and have heightened risk of cancers just due to one bad habit. Heal your central nervous system and yourself before it's to late to recover.

Smoking has many adverse effects on the human body

First of all it affects the human nervous system, dulls the brain and slows reflexes. It does irreversible damage to the lungs which can cause death. You will be shocked if you see the difference between the lung of a non-smoker and one of a smoker.Cancer is also caused by smoking. Tar, a chemical in cigarettes is a sticky substance which attaches itself onto the lung tissues, there it multiplies when the lung tissue divides and thus the smoker suffers from a damaged lung tissue which is mutated.Emphysema another disease in the lung is caused by smoking, in emphysema the smokers cough damages the alveoli in the lungs, (Air sacs) which makes them blow up and recombine that reduces the total amount of volume in the lungs. Somewhat similar to hydrogen cyanide - Kills a person by coalescing the alveoli in the lungs.It also deposits fats in the lumen of the arteries which supply blood to the heart, the artery is narrow and so if too much fat accumulates the person might suffer from cardiac arrest/heart attack which could kill him.Smoking pollutes the air as it spews out carbon-di-oxide known to be a green house gas. It also affects the people around the smokers more effectively than the smokers as they do not have a resistance developed towards smoking - A term known as passive smoking. It is one of the most unfair aspects of smoking as people who do not smoke are suffering aswell.

Smoking - Leading to alcohol addiction

Smokers usually tend to go for other drugs and alcohol despite not being a drug, can be abused heavily. Alcohol addiction is one of the leading causes of deaths, due to increased accidents and intoxication. Alcohol addiction should be controlled, and reducing smokers usually tend to decrease the number of alcohol addiction affected people. This too can also damage the Central nervous system greatly.

Smoking causes many other effects aswell

1) It's the #1 Cause for wrinkles in the face and dullness or paleness of the skin. This is so as smoking constricts the blood flow of the arteries in the skin

2)Athletic performance is greatly reduced. Smokers have difficulty running and doing other physical activities as they are short of breath.

3)The most important fact of them all.. Smoking reduces your lifespan, I'm sure you've heard that experts say that 1 cigarette would cost you 7 minutes of your life.

Addicted to smoking - People who are addicted to smoking has to try very hard in order to give it up, if not possible in one day try reducing the amount of cigarettes per day slowly and eventually you'll give up.

Non-smokers enjoy a life where they can run without gasping for air frequently, Play games that requires all sorts of running and activities.. and most importantly no dullness and tiredness.

Smoking does not make you "Cool" all it does is help you die faster. Quit smoking for the betterment of yourself and others.

Quitting Smoking

Due to all these effects, the only logical thing to do is to drop the cigarette and move on, but quitting smoking is one of the hardest things to do. It's the same as any other kind of drug addiction ( which may lead to more ) but the fear of cancer and other side effects should be enough for someone to be quitting smoking. If it is not, then just think about everyone else who you might cause indirect smoking due to you. Your child, wife, parents, friends who do not smoke may be exposed to it and it is so much more harmful. Therefore quitting smoking is an important thing to do.

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