Monday, May 26, 2014

How to Leave Smoking

Leave Smoking Now!

It is said that smoking is equivalent to taking in poison but yet people smoke even know they have full knowledge on this matter. Read my previous post here. This habit is a dangerous one to you and your loved ones and yet it's difficult to get out of. It's always an excuse, it's always another "last day" of smoking- but it never is. The days keep passing by as you promise each and everyone that today is your last but you still continue. Months pass by, and you're completely hooked on the poison that flows through your veins. What you need to do is TAKE ACTION NOW! 

Tips on how to Leave Smoking for good.

As long as you smoke you heighten the chances of cancer and other complicated diseases every day. For those who want to Leave smoking -

  • Leave Smoking Today. Right now, this instant. No last days, no false promises, just get rid of everything and leave smoking right now. Just remember that it's just a cigarette and you can live without it.
  • Ask for everyone's help. For you to leave smoking, it's a difficult task to tackle alone and if you consult friends and family they will happily help you out and make you feel better. Let your smoker buddies know that you have left smoking and that no one should offer you a cigarette from now on.
  • Stay alert, do not get lazy and stay active. There's an increased chance to go back into smoking when you get bored and thus you should keep yourself occupied and active if you want to leave smoking for good.
  • The first few days are the most difficult as agreed upon by most, it'll make your body feel weak and make you feel powerless and with little willpower. It's due to withdrawal symptoms and thus it's your most difficult opponent, fight it and you will leave smoking for good.
  • Avoid stress and tension. It's extremely likely for you to get a smoke when you're under pressure so make sure you avoid these and can continue your life without smoking.
  • Start practicing Yoga, Deep meditation exercises, and other stress and tension relieving exercises and these will help you feel so much better that you wish you never smoked in the first place. A breath of fresh air - literally. Read more about Deep Meditation, Yoga and other stress releasing activity here.

Leave smoking now.. Remember with each passing day it deteriorates your health, harms your family and friends who do not smoke and will shorten your lifespan.

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