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Almond milk - Skin complexion improvement with home remedies

Skin complexion improvement -

Clear clogged pores, rejuvenate your dry or oily skin using simple home remedies such as almond milk, honey, lemon, turmeric.

Nowadays when someone wants to deal with their skin they usually have to run to the dermatologist and this is a very expensive option. Usually Dermatologists will go for laser treatment or dermabrasation and prescribe expensive medicine. Instead of using products that may cost a fortune and in turn damage your skin, why not use tried and tested home products that have worked miracles for many people around the world. These items are commonly used in our household, but for their main uses only. What most people do not realize is that these products can also be used and mixed together to create natural remedies to improve one's skin complexion, revive the skin and fix clogged pores. Let's take a look at the 5 best home remedies to improve your skin's complexion, that includes honey, lemon, almond milk, turmeric and other readily available items!

Honey and Lemon Juice

It's very common to have lemons in the house and if you do not have honey buy some natural honey, not artificial ones which are stripped off their nutrients and then this remedy will not work. After you've gotten them, it's time to know what each one of them do. Honey has many great functions and it is a known natural cleanser which will exfoliate the skin that'll bring out your glowing complexion. It's also a moisturizer for the skin as well as anti inflammatory properties.  Lemon on the other hand is a natural acid which removes oily skin, heals acne and remove blackheads, Lemon also lightens dark spots and blemishes. It's a great idea to mix these two together which will not only give you a better skin complexion but also remove any skin problems such as acne, blackheads, scars. Mix these two in an equal amount and keep on the face and then wash off  after 5 to 10 minutes. This can clear up your clogged pores as well.


Turmeric has a great deal of usage in south east Asia mainly for cooking, but it's also an amazing beauty product which has been used for centuries. It comes with so many benefits that it's not possible to list them all. Turmeric is highly antiseptic and has a great deal of anti bacterial properties which helps fight acne and other skin diseases that may be present. It not only clears your skin but also stops excessive sebum (oil) production of the skin thus help fight oily skin as well. Turmeric can be used to create a facial mask for dry skin as it's regulation of sebum can also increase oil production for normal skin. Unblock all those clogged pores for perfect healthy looking skin. It's also great due to the fact it can fight against aging and make your skin look new and refreshed, it does this by being an exfoliating agent.

Egg and Almond Milk  - Mask

Almond milk has anti aging qualities the same as turmeric, being an exfoliating agent. You can nourish your skin with Almond milk along with many other amazing properties. Egg whites can help reduce the large pores on your skin and it will remove dead skin cells in order to make your skin look more fresh and firm. Almond also removes dead skin cells from the top layer of the skin thus making it an amazing product to improve your skin complexion. Mixing these two together and using them as a face mask is a great option.  Almond milk can also be used along with turmeric to make a hardened skin mask that can be used to clear out the skin, completely revitalizing it. Almond milk can also be used along with honey to make it a cleanser of the skin clearing out clogged pores and also makes the skin more fairer and improves the complexion.

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